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Our experienced book professionals know the publishing industry, genre expectations, and what readers want. So, we’ll make sure your book stands out among the million+ books self-published every year. If you want to get your book on The Book Shelf, browse our services and get in touch.

You’ll also find writing guides for authors, success stories with insider tips from published authors, and insights from the life of book editor.

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As a writer or author, you may want a professional to add that extra polish to your work. But do you need a proofreader or an editor, or both? Here’s your insider guide to proofreading vs. editing…

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“A true collaborator with an eye for detail, Ameesha knew my vision and helped set me on a path to realizing it. I really appreciate how she turned herself into a subject matter expert on my own subject! I will definitely trust my future endeavors to her guiding hand.” – Lane Bailey

“Ameesha was an incredible find. Her turnaround time was bested only by the quality of her work. She was insightful and provided a lot of great guidance on changes that needed to be made to the manuscript. Outstanding work. I’ve already started a second project with her — no need to go out to bid. I’ve found the best editor.” – Frederick Williams

“This was my first time working with a professional editor and handing your first manuscript over to a complete stranger is daunting, but Ameesha quickly calmed those fears. Working with her felt like a real partnership. She took a vested interest in my book and provided edits, feedback, and insights that made my draft so much better. I was amazed at how well she balanced both the details and the big-picture elements of my manuscript. Ameesha goes above and beyond the call of duty.” – Stacy Moroz