So, you’ve written a book—but how do you make it look like a book? At the moment, it probably looks like a standard Microsoft Word or Google Docs document. To transform this document into a book, it goes through a design process. This happens once the editing is complete, but before proofreading. If you’re not sure what book design entails, here’s the lowdown…

What is book design? 

Book design is split into two parts: cover design and layout design.

With cover design, you could create a DIY cover using Canva or other design software. However, a professional cover designer knows what readers want—and that applies to fonts, font size, colour palettes, images, patterns, layout, and more. They know the latest cover trends, but they also know what type of cover stands the test of time.

With layout design (also known as “typesetting”), there is software that helps you create the inside of the book without a designer, such as Scrivener or Reedsy Editor. However, an experienced layout designer knows what works— the correct number of words per page, screen size, page size, various formats, font, font size, line spacing, unit spacing, margins, heading styles, and so on.

Some designers do both; some specialise in one or the other.

What formats are there? 

These days, a book may end up in multiple formats, but the main two ways these are categorised are: print (paperback, hardcover, spiral-bound) and e-book (Amazon, Kobo, phone, computer).

Within this, you may end up with a few different versions of the book based on where you’d like it to be available. For example, you will probably want a print PDF version that is uploaded to the printer or is available for print-on-demand. You will probably also want several e-book versions, for example, e-pub for most small-screen formats such as Kobo and mobile phones, Mobi or AWZ for Kindle, and a general PDF for computers.

How much does book design usually cost?

The price of book design can really vary, as it depends on the designer’s level of experience. When it comes to book design, you may pay a few pounds for the rights to an image for a DIY cover—or £500 for a bespoke cover from an expert designer. In that sense, it comes down to how much you want to spend. With layout design, the price is often per page and is relatively inexpensive compared to the learning curve of formatting the book yourself.

Our services and prices 

If you’d like a bespoke cover design, then our expert designers can create something from scratch for you for £250. In this bespoke service, our designers will first ask you a series of questions about your book, your target audience, and your design preferences. Then, they will create eight sample covers for you to choose from. You can choose one of these covers or merge elements to form a new cover. Simply purchase our bespoke service below and you’ll get an email asking for the details of your book to get the process started.

For layout design, we have set rates based on the format and page count you require. Please note that your page count will be different to what appears in Word or Google Docs as a book has less words per page than these documents. For an estimate of your page count, divide your total word count by 200.

Per-page costs:

  • Print PDF: 60p
  • Mobi: 50p
  • e-Pub: 50p

Please get in touch with us here to arrange your bespoke layout design.